Said 2 Much

by Micah James

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i put all of my issues in a box with a lock / but i gotta hurry up because the top finna pop
speaking of the top, nigga, that's an album by the cure / you know I'm never sure if this shit will ever stop
u say a little thing and then i get offended / next day i take it back and act like i was pretending
let's finish on a good note / that's if we're gonna end it
sometimes you gotta buck up / if not shut the fuck up
and stop whining (winan) no mario / sorry your shit fell thru, but that's u - stop crying
i'm bout to get rich or die trying, not lying / i love pumas and tiger...not lions
now i'm firing shots and bullets at the pop charts / ensuring this shit will never stop when it starts
my pops died from a blood clot that had shot / from the bottom of his leg to the top of his heart
heartbreaking and shit, but that's the globe / you don't wanna know what i whispered in his lobe
as he passed and the finally slipped out of my grasp / came home taking endless shots out of my glass
hold up
can't go that route
misery and pain is what i can't rap about
essentially insane every night i'm blacking out
but when you peel it back, mothafucka, i'm the same micah james
the m to the i to the c - a - h / and if i wasn't, then how could i be this great?!
my favorite food is yellow cake / and i eat it with a spoon on a platinum plate
fuck it
getting big ass ring...onion / tip the scales then i hit the trails up at runyon
these niggas in the sun and they be swearing that they shining
i don't mind it, i don't care and i ain't playing when i'm saying
i don't give a fuck / nigga, i don't give a shit!
yeah, i do
lying if i said i wasn't into it
my hair is looking indian or bedouin or inuit / fronting like i know something, knowing i'm an idiot
but flossin
don't use caution at all when i'm lost in the mall of my mind trying to find a b. dalton / book store or something so i look more intelligent and proper / i'm really at the food court and foot locker
yo, what's poppin everybody BASS
h.a.m. on the track like cam'ron and mase
back in the days when it really was what it was / and i do what it does, i don't punch on the breaks
i just jump on the craigslist 'missed connections' / now i'm getting questioned if i'm straight
but fuck all of y'all from the bottom of this big erection
no imperfections, i'm great
everybody say


released December 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Micah James Los Angeles, California

Songs about love, depravity and personal management

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